Oct 23, 2015

Shri Krishna Bhajan By Ami Joshi

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Track 1 : Gopal Krishna ..Radhe Krishna ...Jai Gopal Krishna..Radhe Krishna
..Aaja Pile ....Bolo Gopal Krishna ..Radhe Krishna ..Aaja Makhan Ke
Matwale Gopal Krishna..Bolo Gopal Krishna Bolo ....Download Mp3

Track 2 : Mithe Ras Se Bharyo Re Radha Rani Lage .. Radha Rani Lage
..Man Me Karo Karo Jamuna Jero Paani Lage...Download Mp3

Track 3 : Chori-Chori makhan khai gayo re Wo To Choro Gwal Ko...
Maine Use Pucha Ki Naam Tera Kya  Hai ..Kishan Kanhaiya Batai Gayo
Re...Maine Use Pucha Baap Tero Kaun Hai ...Nand Yashoda batai Gayo
Re....Maine Use Pucha Khana tera kya Hai ..Makhan Mishri Bati Gayo Re...
Maine Use pucha Teri Pyaari Kaun Hai...Download Mp3


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