Download Swaminarayan Bhakti Sangeet By Vijay Bharad 2

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Track 1 :Adham Udharan Avinashi Tara ..Grahi..Adham Udharan Avinashi
Tara .....  Download Mp3 ..

Track 2 :Hari tame Ava ne Ava ..Hari tame Ava ne Ava  ..Download Mp3 ..

Track 3 :Sahjanand Sujan Bhe..Sahjanand Sujan Bhe... Download Mp3 ..

Track 4 :Prat Same Uthi Purshotamani...Prat Same Uthi Purshotamani..
 Download Mp3 ..

Track 5 : Gopinath Avo Mare Orde...Gopinath Avo Mare Orde....
Download Mp3 ..

Track 6 : Ho Albela Antaryami...Ho Albela Antaryami ..Download Mp3 ..

Track 7 :Che Arji Urni Re ..Che Arji Urni Re ... Download Mp3 ..

Track 8 :Vadtal ma Birajya Vadtal Ma ..Vadtal ma Birajya Vadtal Ma ..
 Download Mp3 ..


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